Making sure your family is safe on the road is a priority! Today's cars have very sophisticated anti-lock and traction control systems. Our staff inspects everything to make sure your brakes are in perfect working order. From OEM pads to performance upgrades, we offer complete brake service and repair.

Engine Work

Routine to Overhaul From routine timing belt service to major engine replacement, Metric Auto Works can handle the job and complete the work for a fair price.

computer system

Alerts always activated? Is "Service Engine Soon" a daily dashboard occurrence, or does the "Door Ajar" signal come on when all the doors are shut tight? We have the diagnostic equipment to remedy the problem correctly, the first time.

Dealer Services

Tired of dealer pricing?The Metric Auto Works team can provide the same complete coverage for your import vehicle at a fair price. Following the service schedule provided by the manufacturer of your vehicle is important. Let Metric Auto Works help you keep your import running for years to come.

Oil Service

Synthetic Oil We offer synthetic oil products that fit your import's needs. We only use quality oil products recommended by your car's manufacturer.

Cooling System

Keeping the right temp How many times have you heard the story about the family trip being delayed due to an overheating vehicle and a tow truck ride? Our attention to detail can catch a small leak in your cooling system and fix it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Electrical System

Lights and electrical problems Make a right hand turn and you're the only one that was prepared for it? Mice make a new home in your heater system? Metric Auto Works can handle anything from a simple turn signal bulb replacement to a complex wiring issue. Having your charging system and battery tested in spring and fall is still the best way to prevent an electrical breakdown.

Alignment & Tires

Is your car pulling to one side Your vehicle pulling to one side or shaking at highway speeds can be an alignment or tire problem. Let Metric Auto Works help keep your family safe and get your import back on track.

Import Auto Parts

Get your parts from us...TodayWe offer a large variety of parts from OEM to performance and aftermarket upgrades. We get parts delivered several times daily, so give us a call when ready to order.