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Most readers know that synthetic motor oils typically perform better than conventional motor oils in providing protection for your vehicle, but they might not know why. What’s the real difference between synthetic and conventional oil? Pretty much everything.

Conventional and synthetic oils begin in the ground. But that’s where the similarities end. Synthetic oil is not only refined but also distilled, purified and broken down into its basic molecules. This process not only removes more impurities from the crude oil but also enables individual molecules in the oil to be tailored to the demands of modern engines. These customized molecules provide higher levels of protection and performance than conventional oils. But the synthetic base oil is only half the story. The correct blend additives must go into the mix to create the oil.


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  • How often do you need to change synthetic oil?

    If you are using synthetic oil, the interval between oil changes can be extended. Manufacturer recommendations range from 5,000 miles to 7,500 miles, on average. Some recommended intervals might be shorter or longer.

  • Should I use synthetic oil in my high mileage car?

    Because synthetic oil does a better job of cleaning out sludge, it could remove deposits that are acting as seals. It’s not accurate to say that you should never use synthetic oil in an older car. In fact, some oil manufacturers offer a high mileage synthetic oil designed specifically for high-mileage cars.

  • Will synthetic oil cause leaks?

    Synthetic engine oils can wear down seals in an engine and cause leaks. This is an often-cited myth. In fact, if your seals and gaskets are in good condition, synthetic oil will not leak in your engine. … Eventually, those small cracks and crevices can lead to bigger problems — with or without synthetic oil.

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